A Step-by-Step Guide to Holiday Gifts Budget

By: Sam Burgoon

Are you faced with the dilemma of too many loved ones, and not enough money? You have two options; cut down the friend count or cut down the cost. Okay, so the first example is a little dramatic. Here are some suggestions that will help keep your friends, and your wallet happy during the holidays.

1. Pinterest

Log on to Pinterest and visit that DIY board that you have been creating for a year. This gives you an excuse to do some of those crafts, and give a personalized gift.

Example: Last year I made most of my gifts. My favorite was wine glasses dipped in chalkboard paint. Dip the glass in the paint from the base to the stem. Guests can write their name in chalk on the base of the glass. This gift is cheap, cute and creative.

2. Street Art/Jewelry

If you live in any decent sized city, there are plenty of street venders that sell their arts and crafts at low prices.

Example: There is a man in San Francisco that makes beautiful rings out of old spoons and forks. They are only $5.00 each, and are a great unique gift.

3. Markets

There are a lot of hidden treasures at local markets that can be overlooked. You can find one-of-a-kind treasures and restore old gems.

Example: My mother collects old pure white dishes. A local market was swarming with options, and at low prices. Spruce them up, and they are better than new!

4. Baked Goods

Everyone loves a good holiday treat, homemade especially. Instead of buying already baked goods, make your own for less. You can also combine all the (non perishable) ingredients into a mason jar along with instructions so they can recreate your masterpiece later in the year.

There are many ways to give the gift of Christmas without spending a fortune. Give a more personal and creative gift this year. These alternatives are not as time consuming as they seem, plus they are a lot of fun. Last year I saved money and my friends loved their gifts. What ways do you save? What other alternative gifts do you give?

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